Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why Quilts Matter - Jan 22/13 #talknt

Tonight we have a very different, and special!, sponsor in Why Quilts Matter. Part of the Kentucky Quilt Project, Why Quilts Matter is a 9-part documentary on quilts, history, politics and more
In 2011, thirty years since its founding, The Kentucky Quilt Project, Inc., has created another “first” – a nine-part documentary series titled Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics. The series takes a fresh look at quilts and spreads the word about their unique position at the center of a startlingly broad grid of topics, ranging from women’s studies to the contemporary art market.
I strongly recommend you take a look around the site. There is so much information that it will take a while to get through.
 At the end of tonight's chat I will be giving away a copy of the documentary!
I'm very excited to be able to share what I think is a very interesting find.

 I've put up some questions that will come up tonight during the chat to let you think on them, some I know seem like huge questions, but I'm very interested in what YOU have to say.
The questions may not be asked in order but it gives you an idea of where we're going tonight!

#Q Are you interested in the academic or history of quilts? or is all about making them now?

#Q Do you see quilts, or other types of sewing, as being an indicator of current culture? If so what do they say? Is the gadgetry a reflection on us wanting things easier or quicker?
 #Q Does the modern world make quilting & sewing less of skills since they aren't as necessary as they were in the past?
 #Q In what ways do quilts reflect their makers? the era made?
#Q What gives value to a quilt? old or new what makes one more valuable then another?
 #Q What changes craft into art? why is one more valuable then the other?
 #Q When is a quilt a quilt? or not? What do you think defines a quilt from a blanket? or something else?
 #Q Is there a current difference between rural & urban quilters? What is your experience?

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