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Since Talkin Tuesday is an international chat I get asked "What time is that in _____ time zone?" a LOT. So to answer that question here is a list of time zones and what time the chats start.

 I'm in the Eastern Time Zone which is -5:00. This means I am 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time, which is what all time zones are based on. This is also referred to as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

 Just as a neat factoid, the current time zone system was developed by a Canadian, Sit Sandford Fleming in 1879.
So as not to take forever I'm only listing time zones that encompass either English speaking countries, or ones I know some chatters live in. To confuse matters more, day light savings time is not observed in every area, and some areas switch time zones when day light savings begins/ends. I've tried my best to make this as simple as possible so I figure it should be clear as med.

You can try the converter here.

North America Time Zones                     #talknt2                                     #talknt
Pacific (-8:00) (LA, Vancouver)                         10am                                6pm
Mountain (-7:00)  (Calgary, Denver)                  11am                                 7pm
Central (-6:00) (Chicago, Winnipeg)                   Noon                                8pm
Eastern (Toronto, NY)  (-5:00)                            1pm                                  9pm
Atlantic (-4:00) (Halifax)                                     2pm                                 10pm
Newfoundland   (-3:30)                                        2:30pm                            10:30pm
Greenwich Mean  (0:00)                                       6pm                              2am Wed
British Summer Time (0:00) (Leeds)                 6pm                               2am Wed.
Netherlands, Italy, France (+1:00)                        7pm                               3am Wed

South African Standard (+2:00)                            8pm                            4am Wed

Western Standard (+8:00) (Perth)                          2am Wed                   10am Wed
Central Standard (+9:30) (Adelaide, Darwin)       3:30am Wed              11:30am Wed
Eastern Standard (+10:00) (Sydney, Melbourne)  4am Wed                   Noon Wed

New Zealand (+12:00)  (Auckland)                       6am Wed                   2pm Wed

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