Monday, April 11, 2011

Some new things/housekeeping for Talkin Tuesday

First thank you to everyone for making Talkin Tuesday such a great success.

As you know I've gotten locked out the last few chats. I believe it is due to the number of retweets, which are all attributed to my hourly limit.

So from now on to be entered in the prize drawings you have to have added your name to the inlinkz. You do not have to have a blog to add yourself now. Simply add your name or twitter handle and your email, the email will not be published.
I will use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner.

If I still get locked out I will be back with the @talkintuesday account.

I want to touch on retweets in general as well. You do not need to retweet to answer a question. Simply hit reply or reply all.
Retweets should only really be used if you want to share someone else's answer/comment to your followers.

I hope this will help make the chat go smoother!
See you tomorrow night!


  1. Oh, I didn't even think about all the retweets! Hope this new way keeps you from twitter jail tomorrow.

  2. I've been locked out lately, too & hadn't thought of the RTs. Hope to catch this week's TT. =)

  3. Two questions: Will you have a TwitChat URL again? and I don't quite understand what you mean by adding our name to inlinkz. Could you please explain what to do? thanks.