Tuesday, November 5, 2013

#talknt 3 year anniversary! Nov 5/13

 Tonight marks my 3 year anniversary of hosting Talkin Tuesdays!
I could not be happier than to me able to celebrate with both long time sponsors/supporters like Kimberley et al at Fat Quarter Shop and the many, many fantastic quilters who have participated in chats over the years, some frequently & some on rarely, who have done so much to expand and share the love of quilting, fabric, sewing, social media & all the other things that get talked about one day a week for over 3 years.
Whether quilting celebrities or brand new to the craft or online community I've been blessed to moderate and chat with so many people in the more than 150 chats in the past 3 years.

Thank you to those who support by sponsoring, by spreading the word and participating.

Thank you to all who have offered their expertise and friendship to others through Talkin Tuesdays, no greater compliment has been paid me than to be told how my chats introduced people who have become best of friends, and how much they have learned and enjoyed the chats I host.

Here is to the last 3 years and hopes for many more with both longtime friends and brand new ones, and the continued success, growth and openness of the online quilt community.

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