Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sept 15/13 #talknt #talknt2

Welcome back! This weekend, ok Monday, was Canadian Thanksgiving and I am most thankful for all of you!

The cables in front of my house were cut last week during roadwork, and I've JUST got it back! I now have phone, internet etc again.

Pink Castle Fabrics

Today we have Brenda over at Pink Castle Fabrics, and the force behind Camp Stitchalot, sponsoring us! And it couldn't come at a better time! All on sale fabrics are an additional 25% off with SALE25

One of the things I find is that it is easier, and best, to let sponsors tell you about themselves or their industry themselves rather than me paraphrasing things, partly because, as is the case below, I can't replicate their passion.
That passion is what makes any person or an endeavor great. Brenda has it.
About CampStitchalots,

All of them still have tickets except the Tula Pink camp in the summer next year.
http://www.pinkcastleblog.com/  we have been blogging them this month on our blog.  I'd love to sell some more tickets to Camp.  We just announced new teachers.  We have Jeni Baker and Anna from Noodlehead and Debbie from Esch House quilts coming this December.  That's the next event.  Sara from Sew Sweetness and Kristin from Sew Mama Sew are coming in the Spring.  

Camps are really REALLY fun.  It's different from Sewing Summit or Sew South or Quiltcon [Which are all still awesome].  You get an intimate gathering. There are only 30 tickets available per camp.  AND you actually get to sew WITH the teachers and eat with them and hang out all weekend. 
 So, you really do get to know everyone.  At least half of the campers who have come before have signed up to come again.  That means a lot to me.  Knowing that these ladies have made new friends and want to see them again. 

People do fly in for camp, we have sewing machine rentals.  Most ladies rent a car at the airport and it's about an hour drive.  We actually have 3 people signed up coming from Europe and the UK! :D

We do our monthly clubs too.  Stash Stack Club and No Prints Allowed.  They have been really fun.  A lot of quilters forget to buy the stash builders when they are out shopping for fabric.  You need a well rounded stash and this way you get a big rainbow of stash builders and solids that you can use.  Both have been well received :)

As you can tell Brenda loves her shop & has really put herself into her work.

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