Tuesday, November 27, 2012

#talknt Nov 27 - Fat Quarter Shop

Have you gotten in on Fat Quarter Shop's Cyber week sale?? 25% off your whole order with code "jingle". That includes sale section! Can't beat that!

 You may have come across this editorial, it's made the rounds on facebook etc.
 You can guess easily I'm against it, pretty much on every level possible (read through the comments for pretty much all the reason the piece is trash), but I thought it would be a good start point to looking, and talking, about our craft tonight.
Where do you see quilting? Is it an art, hobby, industry, a combination?
Do you think quilting/sewing is a tool to examining history?
 Does it reflect you?
 What do you hope happens with your quilts? what memories are you passing on with them?
 Is quilting part of your history?

Just some thoughts to have for the chat! I'll be asking all sorts of questions as always. I've started adding #Q, along with the standard #talknt, to the tweets with the questions asked to make them easier to find for you.

New fact just heard this afternoon, Quilt Fesitival had over 60 000+ visitors this year in Houston. That is a whole lot of tourism dollars. I know my city would take that any day!

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