Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31st Fat Quarter Shop & the inaugrul #talknt2 chat!

 I'm so excited that I've finally been able to answer the request for an earlier timed Talkin Tuesday for all our European friends and everyone else who can't do the 9-11pm ET #talknt.

Our first sponsor of #talknt2 is very fittingly Fat Quarter Shop! As one of the biggest supporters of Talkin Tuesday is was only fitting that I ask Kimberly if FQS would be our first sponsor, and like so many times when asked to support the quilting community she didn't hesitate to say yes!

So every Tuesday from 1-3pm ET (-5:00) we will be having what I refer to as the am chat even though it is pm here and in a lot of other places too. To differentiate between the later chat I've decided we would use the #talknt2 hashtag. That's pretty much the only difference.
I will still post the sign up list here, you sign in for a chance at the prizes, all you have to do is include the #talknt2 in your tweet to be seen.
I will post questions from the @caraquilts twitter account, & if we're super crazy and I get thrown in twitter jail I'll go to the @talkintuesday account.

Most weeks we will have a different sponsor for the earlier chat then the later one so if you want to participate in both, which is more then awesome by me, you'll just have to make sure you sign into both.

I'm going to start by having similar questions in both chats but if I find more people are participating in both then I may switch it up. Let me know as we go if you have a preference.

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