Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17th - Fat Quarter Shop

Tonight we're sponsored by Kim and the gang at Fat Quarter Shop!

  I'm quickly going to post a thought that I want to discuss a bit at some point during the chat and it's the idea of bearing witness to culture through quilts.
 What this means is how to quilts, both modern and old, tell the stories of either the people who make them, receive them, or society and culture at large.

 Bearing witness is large theme for me, it is one of the central parts of being a counselor and I think a friend.
But it also is a way for us to honour what happens around us, even if we are not involved, by being aware or a witness to it. A more general philosophical definition is to show by your existence/attention that something is true.
What that something is can be anything, a trend, an experience, phenomena, an idea or a movement.

Since for many of us quilts, quilting, sewing and fabric are a very large part of our lives, by being involved in it, we are witness to what is happening in it.

Anyway that's just something I wanted to put out there. We'll still have more "normal" questions etc but I wanted to hear everyone's opinion on that tonight during the chat.

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