Monday, October 24, 2011

You are all in for a huge treat with Fat Quarterly Magazine sponsoring us this week! They are cleaning out their prize cupboard for us and we've got fabric and book like crazy to give away!
Not to mention those crafty wordsmiths have also come up with some great questions to get us chatting! Be sure to visit the Fat Quarterly website and check out this great online quilt magazine if you aren't familiar with them, and even if you are!
Need help getting involved? I have a tutorial about joining in on my blog! And always feel free to ask, we love helping newbies! Just make sure to add #talknt to your tweet and we'll see it!


  1. Looking forward to it but I don't see the button to click on to add your link you will probably add later...

  2. I still can't figure out how to add my name to the list! There's a link under the table that says "javescript:" (and I mean that literally - my computer has to speak what's on the screen).... when I click the link it does nothing, and I do have javascript enabled... I've also tried in IE and Mozilla... and when I click the next link "help on inserting thumbnails" the advice talks about clicking an "add link" button and then pasting web address, name and email... but I don't have that add link button either!

    Can anybody help? Let me know if you think something like a button might be an image functioning as a button, or anything else like that! I'm sure there must be something simple that I'm doing wrong or that the computer is doing that is stopping me from signing up!

    Thanks a bundle :)

    Blog: Touch And Sew /
    Tw: bix_cool

  3. Giles, I am too new to all of this to be able to help you. Sorry! Try tweeting cara @caraquilts

  4. I didn't know we were supposed to sign in :/ sorry for having party crashed.