Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What is Talkin' Tuesdays?

Talkin' Tuesdays is a Twitter based chat that takes place every Tuesday afternoon from 1-3pm ET (6pmUK) as #talknt2 and evening from 9-11pm EST as #talknt. We will chat everything sewing and sewing related.

How to join Talkin' Tuesdays #talknt and #talknt2

If you’re not already set up on Twitter, you will need to head on over and set up an account. (Twitter is free.) Here are some tips for setting up your account.
  • Choose a user name that reflects who you are and that isn’t too long.
  • Use a head shot of yourself as your avatar, I like to see what you look like! :)
  • Make sure and include a bio of yourself in your profile, it's fun to share who you are!
  • To chat with other tweeters simply use the @thentheirname Feel free to make new friends!
  • If you have an online business or etsy shop you may want to create a separate account for that.
  • When you see PLS RT this mean Please Retweet! 
  • Please make sure that you have included the hashtag #talknt/#talknt2 and that it’s spelled properly. The feed will only show tweets that clearly have #talknt/#talknt2 in them. You must also make sure that your account isn’t locked. Go to settings and make sure “...Protect my tweets” is NOT checked.
Once you’re all set up on Twitter, note the following:
  • Try TweetChat for an easy way to join in. Many chatters prefer it because it is web based, adds the hashtag in for you, and has a speed control feature from refresh rates. 
  • When using Twitter, you must refresh often to see new tweets streaming in. Some third-party technologies, like Seesmic or Hootsuite, stream continuously, making it so you do not have to refresh, but on Twitter you do.
  • I use TweetDeck. In Seesmic to join the chat you will type #talknt. This will pull up a chat and everyone on twitter that is typing #talknt will see what you're saying. You can also have columns so you can see things laid out easier.
  • So after everything you type in our chat you will need to type #talknt. Otherwise we wont see what you're saying. Clear as mud?
  • To say something back to someone you will type @ then their name then your message then #talknt. So if you wanted to say something to me you would type @caraquilts how are you today #talknt. 

What is Talkin Tuesdays? #talknt

  • When I joined Twitter I was overwhelmed, after my first few hours of actually using it that overwhelming feeling left and now I'm addicted.  This is a fun way to make new friends in the sewing and virtual community
  • Twitter has its own rules of etiquette, which include breaking all those rules we've been taught our whole lives! WAHOO!

  • Join in on others conversations.
  • Go off on tangents.
  • Shorten words to fit a complete thought in 140 characters, and talk to strangers.
  • The more you use people’s Twitter IDs as you tweet to them (e.g., @caraquilts), the more likely they are to see and reply to your tweet(s).

Use TweetChat, Seesmic, Hootsuite or TweetDeck

A 3rd party service is most desirible for #talknt chat. With 3rd party serivces you can view multiple streams at the same time.
Tweetchat is the most popluar for on the web, it adds the hashtag for you and works like a chatroom. (Add the 2 to the link to make it for #talknt2, it's linked to the #talknt one.)
Seesmic, you will have to download it, you can view multiple streams at one time.
Hootsuite, you can post from more than one user at a time and see multiple streams at one time.
Tweetdeck is what I (CaraQuilts) use. I like the mutiple columns, and when replying to a tweet with #talknt/#talknt2 in it, Tweetdeck puts the hashtag in the reply automatically. TweetDeck is owned by Twitter so it works well.

Talk It Up #talknt

Have fun with this!The original idea was that there are so many of us sewer/crafters out there and we need a break from our usual grind, a chance to share tips, advice, funny stories and learn from each other.


If you like what others are saying retweet their messages! This is a great way to network and share others great ideas or funny stories!

Thank our sponsors

Each week we have a new sponsor. It is expected that we thank our sponsors all night long. To do so you will simply enter the hashtag then the sponsors name. For eg.#talknt  #sponsor

Win a Prize!

 Each week in the middle and at the end of our chat we will give away a fabulous prize!

*If you'd like to be a sponsor please contact Cara.

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